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Collegium Marianum on Deutschlandradio:
7. 10. 2015, 20:03
Listen to a recording of the concert of Collegium Marianum in frame of the festival Silbermann-Tage in Seiffen (6. 9. 2015)
Review from the concert read here

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“Forlana / Venetian fiesta à la française”
Collegium Marianum together with dancer Gudrun Skamletz premiered new dance-instrumental project in frame of the festival Concentus Moraviae.
Check out the video!


Collegium Marianum on Radio Conzertzender
On Sunday 31st August in the Geertekerk Collegium Marianum played Eastern cantatas (also known as Sepolcri) by J. D. Zelenka.
Listen to a recording of this concert

titulní strana CD-web Latest CD of Collegium Marianum
J. A. Sehling – Christmas in Prague Cathedral

New recording of music for Christmas by Josef Anton Sehling (with vocal soloists Hana Blažíková, Markéta Cukrová, and Tomáš Král) was published in collaboration with the Supraphon label in October 2014.
lamentace jeremiášovy Zelenka’s Lamentations – an exceptional recording featuring exceptional soloists
J. D. Zelenka – Lamentationes Jeremiæ Prophetæ
Collegium Marianum ensemble has materialised the very first complete recording of Zelenka’s Lamentations in the second millennium, one characterised by rigorous instrumentation, profound performance and remarkably conceived by three stellar soloists (Damien Guillon, Daniel Johannsen and Tomáš Král).