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Musici da camera

Musici da camera

The splendour and refinement of the music that resounded in Prague Baroque palaces!

(Antonín Reichenauer, František Jiránek,Antonio Vivaldi, Johann Friedrich Fasch, Antonio Caldara, František Ignác Tůma, Christian Gottlieb Postel, Johann Georg Orschler)

Collegium Marianum recorded a new CD with the label Supraphon. Completed with some older recordings, the first double album of the ensemble is born. Musici da camera present the premiere recordings of chamber music compositions by Baroque masters in service of Prague aristocrats. Discover the splendour of this new release of the Music from Eighteenth Century Prague series.

Sergio Azzolini – bassoon
Lenka Torgersen,
Helena Zemanová – violin
Jana Semerádová
– flauto traverso
Collegium Marianum

November 2012, SU 4112-2


Audio examples to be found on Supraphonline

CD is sold on our concerts or available in distribution of Supraphon

Interview with the artistic director Jana Semerádová