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Jiránek / Concertos

…It does familiarise us with music that, on the whole, deserves to be better known. Jiránek, like Vivaldi, has a particular talent for slow movements: so much is achieved with so little, and that’s as evident in the haunting Adagio of the Flute Concerto in D, with its keening solo melody, as it is in the sighing middle movement of the Triple Concerto in A. Elsewhere there are hits and misses. The oboe concertos sound like Vivaldi on autopilot, lively though they are. But the Bassoon Concerto in G is much more inventive, ingeniously exploiting the instrument’s timbre, whether in the lowing Adagio or in the genial outer movements. Sergio Azzolini, who has reconstructed the concluding ritornello for this incomplete concerto, is the outstanding soloist, while Collegium Marianum, under their artistic director Jana Semerádová, play with punch and attention to detail.

GRAMOPHONE, March 2017, Hannah Nepil

Zelenka / Lamentationes Jeremiæ Prophetæ

… Of the performances themselves, all is splendid. The balance of the period instruments is perfectly judged, with intelligent and characterful singing from all three soloists. The greatest and most welcome surprise is the inclusion of the obbligato chalumeau ii the Lamentation for Good Friday — a delicious conclusion to a memorable release.

GRAMOPHONE, December 2014, Malcolm Riley

Sehling / Christmas in Prague Cathedral

Sehling’s orchestral command is excellent – as one expects from an orchestral player – and this CD has musical interest outside of the season for which the pieces were originally composed. The performances, particularly from alto Markéta Cukrová and tenor Václav Čížek (a beautiful voice, most intelligently applied in a fine duet Vis ingens est favori with Hana Blažíková) and the Collegium Marianum Prague under Jana Semerádová, are little short of revelatory throughout.


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Wärme und Leidenschaft / CD Gloria

„Die slowakische Sopranistin Simona Šaturová ist absolut erstaunlich: lichte, runde und flexible Stimme, außergewöhnliches Legato, […] Innerlichkeit und Leidenschaft.“

Besonders die feinfühlige und nuancierte Spielweise des Prager Collegium Marianum unter der künstlerischen Leitung von Jana Semerádová trägt dabei wesentlich zu der überzeugenden Gesamtinterpretation bei.

Tief beeindruckt wird so der Hörer zurückgelassen. Einerseits begeistert „Gloria“ mit meisterhaften Koloraturfeuerwerken, technischer Raffinesse, gelungener, abwechslungsreicher Werkauswahl und stilistischer Vielseitigkeit. Andererseits bewegt die immense Ausdrucksstärke sowohl der Sopranistin Simona Šaturová als auch des Ensembles Collegium Marianum., Heike Nasritdinova, 4. 10. 2013

Musici Da Camera

…Six works are recorded here for the first time, in performances typical of the Collegium Marianum – lively, loving and impeccably stylish; even trio sonatas by the little-known Orschler and Postel will entertain you!…

Early Music Review, 12/2012 bla

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Jiránek / Concertos & Sinfonias

… Prague, that most musical of cities, boasts several world-class period-instrument orchestras. Collegium Marianum is equal to the best. As with the Reichenauer disc, the Italian Baroque bassoonist Sergio Azzolini is a guest soloist. In the two bassoon concertos he once more displays his bravura virtuosity and, in two tender middle movements, his gift for bringing out the essential nobility of the instrument. The rather cheery Flute Concerto in G major is played with sparkling grace by Jana Semeradova, who is the musical director of Collegium Marianum. Russian Baroque violinist Marina Katarihnova is dazzling in the D minor Concerto and I look forward to hearing many more recordings from her. The orchestra plays throughout with verve and precision and the whole production has a marvellous bloom, no doubt helped by the acoustics of the Church of Our Lady of the Angels in the Capuchin Monastery in Prague, where the recording was made. After the thoroughly professional and exploratory earlier volumes of the ‘Music from Eighteenth-Century Prague’ series, I expected this to be a worthwhile recording; but the music of the hitherto obscure Jiranek exceeded all expectations. The IRR Outstanding award is as much for him as for his very talented modern interpreters.

INTERNATIONAL RECORD REVIEW, May 2011, Andrew O’Connor Logo k ocenění CD_IRR-Outstanding

Music from the Eighteenth-Century Prague

…Collegium Marianum’s performances are consistently polished and alert under its flautist director Jana Semerádová. Her sweet-tone instrument, sympathetically captured by the sound engineer, is prominent throughout the programme and both her playing and direction reveal a finely attuned sensitivity to Brentner’s gentle but original style. In the three spaciously lyrical Brentner’s arias, the Brentner brilliant, intelligent voice of the supremely agile young soprano Hana Blažíková is a perfect foil for Semerádová’s gentle-edged flute…

International Record Review I/2010, Christopher Price

Unknown first class experience

…. However in the hands of the likewise obscure ensemble Collegium Marianum, Maria hymns and other Christmas and Advent music of names as Vaclav Karel Holan Rovensky become an unexpectedly pleasant surprise! The musicians are first class seen from a modern performance practical perspective, and out of four vocalists, the soprano Hana Blazikova is truly treasure. Her voice could be in a positive way compared with a timbre of a recorder…

Thomas Michelsen, Ibyen (internet magazine), 5 stars