Francesco Cavalli – Calisto

Opera with puppets in three acts

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The story of Callisto, a nymph with whom Jupiter falls in love and disguises himself as Artemis (Diana) to lure her into his embrace, was adapted from Ovid’s Metamorphosis by the librettist Faustini who enhanced it with new epizodes and comical scenes in the vein of commedia dell´arte.

The independent marionette theatre company Buchty a loutky, together with the music ensemble Collegium Marianum, have created an original puppet version of the Early-Baroque opera by Francesco Cavalli, La Calisto. The performance pairs marionettes with singers-actors and the accompaniment of musical instruments. The form is based on the principles of Baroque theatre, including “miracles and illusions,” these are used, however, in a manner typical of the Buchty a loutky performances and employs large, carved marionettes and their “doubles” – live singers.

The project is the first multi-genre adaptation in the Czech Republic of the once very popular Italian Baroque opera; it shall provide the local audiences with a new comprehension of the historical artwork. The first rendering of the opera in the San Appolinare theatre in Venice in 1651 involved grandiose scenery and extraordinary machinery and scenic effects. Callisto, in the performance of Collegium Marianum and Buchty a loutky, provides such diverse a show full of changes and surprises..

Premiere: 14th June 2013, Boskovice, festival Concentus Moraviae

15. 6. 2013, Mikulov, festival Concentus Moraviae
6. 5. 2014, Olomouc, Moravská filharmonie Olomouc
30. 5. 2014, Dortmund, Klangvokal Musik Festival Dortmund
27. 6. 2014, Drážďany, Elbhangfest
27. 9. 2014, Opava, Svatováclavský hudební festival
1. 7. 2015, Chrudim, festival Loutkářská Chrudim
4. 7. 2015, Zelená Hora, projekt Plzeň 2015
6. 8. 2015, Praha, Letní slavnosti staré hudby
19. 9. 2015, Náměšť nad Oslavou

Collegium Marianum
Jana Semerádovámusical direction

Hana Blažíková – Calisto (S)
Barbora Kabátková – Diana, Giunone (S)
Jan Mikušek – Endimione (A)
Tomáš Lajtkep – Mercurio (T)
Tomáš Král – Giove, Giove in Diana (B)

Jana Semerádová – flutes
Lenka Torgersen, Vojtěch Semerád – violin
Richard Šeda – cornetto
Hana Fleková – cello
Jan Krejča – theorbo
Sebastian Knebel – harpsichord

Buchty a loutky
Vít Brukner – direction
Vít Brukner, Marek Bečka, Zuzana Bruknerová, Radek Beran – featuring 
Robert Smolík – puppet stage design and marionettes
Radka Mizerová, Tereza Benešová – costumes
Lukáš Valiska – lighting

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Video Montage of the Performance here

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foto: Jiří Sláma

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