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La Serva Padrona

La Serva Padrona

Comic intermezzo.

La Serva Padrona (The Servant Mistress) is one of the most famous pieces created by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi. Within the space of seven music performances linked by recitatives the Italian author has managed to perfectly characterize peo-ple of different social status, sex, and temperament. The director Jean Denis Monory then has transformed the piece from comedia dell´arte to a more sophis-ticated form full of emotions and witty little games. All this with a great contribu-tion on the part of the soloists, Marie Fajtová as the cheeky mistress Serpina, Tomáš Král as the master Uberto, and Lorenzo Charoy as the butler Vespone. A seemingly banal story of a rich bachelor and a cunning young mistress getting married becomes an irresistible piece of art…

La Serva Padrona was originally played as a comical intermezzo within the opera Il prigionero superbo. As such, its role was mostly to provide spectators with visually intriguing spectacle and time to take a rest from serious themes. Little by little, this ingenious piece dating to 1733 was being more and more often performed independently. Its timeless theme is a great source of amusement, fun and re-freshment to its today spectators.

The performance draws from the principles of baroque theatre. Not only is it a piece of countless twists and intrigues but also of sophisticated acting and cho-reography. The candlelight lighting accentuates the colourfulness of costumes and baroque make-up. The resulting form is clear and powerful due to its suggestive character.

Jean Denis Monory – stage director
Chantal Rousseau – costumes

Marie Fajtová – SERPINA (soprano)
Tomáš Král – UBERTO (baryton)
Laurent Charoy – VESPONE (actor)

Jana Semerádová – umělecká vedoucí