Cachua Serranita


Cachua Serranita

Jana SEMERÁDOVÁ | Baroque flute, recorders, artistic director
Vojtěch SEMERÁD | Baroque violin and viola, vocal, percussion
Jiří SYCHA | Baroque violin, charango, vocal
Marcel COMENDANT | cimbalom, percussion
Ján PRIEVOZNÍK | G violone


When in the 17th and 18th centuries the Jesuit missionaries set out on the long journey to South America, many took with them sheet music and instruments. They were aware that music profoundly touches the human heart and may be the primary means of communication.

And thus, along with the traditional music of the indigenous peoples, works by Josef Brentner, Domenico Zipoli and Martin Schmid were soon performed in the jungle and mountain settlements in Bolivia and Peru. The same music praising God and the Virgin Mary, yet imbued with elements of the local folklore, resounded in the Baroque churches and village chapels in Moravia, in the very heart of Europe. Georg Philipp Telemann often employed in his works Haná and Silesian melodies, which enthralled him due to their “truly barbarian beauty”.

The common denominator of music from the far sides of the world is the passion and delight felt by musicians when they can play together.




Recorded at the evangelical church in Vrbové, Slovakia, 4-5 September 2021
Recording director: Markéta Janáčková, recording engineer: Jakub Hadraba
February 2022, SU 4309-2

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