Press review: Album A Lily Among Thorns is a real gem


Michna: Czech Marian Music

A TIP in Harmonie magazine, December 2022 issue

... The new title from the Collegium Marianum ensemble is extraordinary in its combination of “Czech” and representative examples of foreign music of the period and perfect interpretation.

The conducti in Adam Michna’s musical compositions are wonderful instrumentals that enhance the spiritual, essentially Advent songs.

Hana Blažíková’s extensive discography is balanced in terms of its quality, yet I think this title will be one of her best. Her pellucid soprano is an ideal medium for the interpretation of Michna. ... classical music portal, Milan Bátor
Hana Blažíková gives one of the performances of her life on her new album, A Lily Among Thorns

... The recording has a special, rarely heard charm and unique tenderness.

Despite its apparent integrity with the Marian cult, A Lily Among Thorns is a multi-faceted album. This is due both to the stylistic breadth and variability of Baroque music and to the well-conceived sequencing of the individual tracks of the recording, which alternate between songs and instrumental compositions of varying instrumentation.

The album A Lily Among Thorns acts like a healing balm for the soul. Blažíková’s truly loving interpretation is accompanied by excellence in other areas, too. Musicologist Jan Baťa has written a knowledgeable yet briskly concise commentary in the album booklet. His text is a joy to read. Both of the sound masters, Markéta Janáčková and Jakub Hadraba, have done similarly excellent work. ...