Maddalena ai piedi di Cristo

Maddalena ai piedi di Cristo

Antonio Caldara (1670 – 1736)

Hana BLAŽÍKOVÁ | Maddalena
Heidi Maria TAUBERT | Marta
David ERLER | Amor Celeste
Markéta CUKROVÁ | Amor Terreno
Tomáš KOŘÍNEK | Cristo
Roman JANÁL | Fariseo

7 violins, 4 violas, violoncello, theorbo, bassoon, double bass, organ, harpsichord
Jana SEMERÁDOVÁ | artistic director


Maddalena ai piedi di Cristo is a complex, mature work built on a great dramatic tension. The oratorio originated around 1700 in Rome. Caldara’s librettist Lodovico Forni introduces the story of a repentant sinner through the perspective of two allegorical figures: the Earthly and Heavenly Love as they fight over Magdalene’s heart. Initially indecisive, Magdalene is pleadingly encouraged to penitence by her sister Martha. Finally, after having fought an inner battle she determines to follow Christ.


Barokní podvečery 2016 
© Petra Hajská

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