Alessandro Severo

Alessandro Severo

Georg Friedrich Händel

Georg Friedrich Händel
Alessandro Severo, HWV a13

Opera-pasticcio (arias from oper Giustino, Berenice, Arminio and others)
Libreto: Apostolo Zeno a Antonia Maria Lucchini
Premiere 25. 2. 1738 v King´s Theatre in London

Salustia (soprano)
Giulia (contralto)
Claudio (soprano en travesti)
Albina (soprano)
Alessandro (mezzosoprano, castrato)
Marziano (bass)
3 vn I, 2 vn II, 1 va, 1 vcl, 1 ctb, theorbo, harpsichord, fg, 2 hb, 1 fl
Jana SEMERÁDOVÁ | artistic director

The wiles, stratagems and intrigues of the powerful – as well as their amorous adventures – have been, are and always will be an attractive theme and an inexhaustible artistic inspiration! Moreover, art has the beneficial effect of elevating a particular historical situation into a timeless story with an unearthly beauty…

This is also the case with the opera Alessandro Severo by the great Baroque composer Georg Friedrich Händel. The brilliant libretto by the Arcadian poet Apostolos Zeno is based on the real life of the last Severo on the Roman throne, but it wraps the ruthless 3rd century AD in the gracious ornaments of the 18th century. The portrayal of the young emperor as a countertenor is fittingly realistic, since the real Alexander Severus ascended the throne at the age of 13. The intricate story, imbued with jealousy and intrigue on the one hand, and love, forgiveness, generosity and loyalty on the other, culminates in happy harmony and bliss.

Alessandro Severo © Thomas Ziegler

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