Summer Festivities of Early Music: launch of ticket sales

IMF Summer Festivities of Early Music

The 22nd year of the festival once again takes us to the distinguished and playful settings of aristocratic courts, which offered a wide range of diverse musical forms and productions. Spiritual pieces alternate with courtly dance music, motets, madrigals, virtuoso sonatas, suites and operas… Come and enjoy live performances in the unique atmosphere of Prague’s palaces, churches and gardens.
See you at the concerts of the Summer Festivities of Early Music!
The final concert Les plaisirs de Versailles will take us inside the apartments of perhaps the most famous palace in the world. The social gatherings that took place at Versailles included concert performances of small operas, so-called divertissements. The allegorical figures in them, together with mythological deities, sing in praise of – whom other than – the king. The Prague performance of Blamont’s Le Retour des dieux sur la terre will be its premiere in the modern era and will bring the festival ceremoniously to a close.

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